Why vegan?

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. I hold that, the more helpless a creature, the more entitled it is to protection by man from the cruelty of man.”
Mahatma Gandhi (1869 – 1948)



Vegans somehow always get the question: why are you vegan?

Well let’s face it a lot of people do things (and eat things) because they weren’t told (or know) any different. I am convinced that if people knew the truth (SATYA) about factory farming, about where their food actually comes from, things would be a lot different, so to answer this question, it’s real simple, I have been crazy about animals ever since I can remember, from a very young age I was very interested & involved in animal welfare, I turned vegetarian when I was only 5 years old & the ongoing, never ending love I have for animals is just enormous, it’s a love I have never really felt for anything or anyone else, it’s the fuel that keeps my engine going love and compassion are without a doubt my absolute drive in everything I do.

“Not everyone can stand on their heads everyday, but everybody eats. You can practice and vote for a more peaceful, prosperous and happy world three times a day when you sit down to eat.”

(Sharon Gannon, Co- Founder Jivamukti Yoga and author of YOGA &VEGETARIANISM)



Being vegan and cooking vegan is so easy, so effective, so absolutely fantastic, seriously it is, for that reason and that reason only I became “THE VEGANATOR”, I created this website with a blog, info and recipes and it’s why i wrote my own COOKBOOK a few years back, full of recipes, stories, nutritional info and more and it is the foundation of FOODPRINTZ CAFE where i cook meals all day everyday.  So the question can be turned around into: why (the hell) NOT vegan?


The wonderful Barbara Decker interviewed me for Yoga Journal Germany in 2014 and she asked a very good, valuable question I would like to share with you.

 What are the pro and cons of the vegan diet?

There are no cons. There are different motivations for vegan diets: an ethical opinion, ecologic, environmental factors or health reasons. Some people adopt a vegan diet only for health reasons, that doesn’t make him or her a vegan; it just means they are on a “plant-based diet”. Because BEING VEGAN means a complete change of lifestyle, including clothing and cosmetics. Being vegan really is a complete life change, considering a lot of factors. For example, I personally struggled finding a good natural deodorant, it needs to be natural, it needs to not be animal tested, it needs to not have any animal products in it, I eventually found one, some things just take a little time and investigation. But hey, I always come back to the essence of all this: ANYTHING FOR THE ANIMALS. I also decided a few years back that my dear Jack Russell: Sparky should also adopt a vegan diet and he did, happily.

If a person thinks that a vegan diet comes with cons they simply haven’t sourced or found enough information about it. Even bodybuilders, boxers, athletes, etc. are living and are high- performing on completely vegetable based diets. So many people are unaware of the fact that all essential vitamins and elements are part of a well- balanced vegan diet. I think the most important thing is to be well informed. A good cookbook can help. It’s the one and only reason why I wrote one, to serve, encourage and inspire others, to give them the right information and DIY recipes, sweet and simple. If you are considering a vegan diet the best thing to do is to get in touch with people who are already vegan. To become part of the vegan community is the easiest way to achieve that goal. Anyone can do this, anyone can come to this and really to me, everyone should.



always remember you are an advocate for the animals, so this experience other people have with you should at all times be very nice and pleasant.


Living by example, being a happy vegan is by far the most important factor in bringing vegan to the people. I have seen this change in myself, I see so much more result in my (vegan) actions ever since I started this new approach of just total compassion, love and joy. Because always remember you are an advocate for the animals, so this experience other people have with you should at all times be very nice and pleasant. My workshops, talks, classes are all like that, the vegan joy is always there. One of my most important vegan kitchen rules is doing a vegan boogie while you cook, to embrace the joy of living a cruelty-free life. So that would be my advice to everyone: BE A HAPPY VEGAN! Be overly and utterly aware of what it is you are doing, bringing about, creating and well, eating. Know that it is all within you, you don’t have to seek for it anywhere else, love and compassion, it’s all in us, we just experience disconnect and re-connect in our life-times on this planet. Connecting to the Earth is a good starting point to re-connect, through yoga, meditation, a vegan diet, healthy living, we get to learn the teachings of life and how to embrace them. Being a happy vegan for me personally means encouraging & inspiring others by attracting people to the way i live my vegan life. I love that I am alive, I love that I am vegan and I love that I have been enabled to live a life of truth, of doing what needs to be done, of saying what needs to be said, a life of serving others, of creating space for people to change, to evolve, to re-connect, review, reflect. I am wholeheartedly dedicated to all animal beings. I am fully devoted to a cruelty free life-style and the betterment of the world. You should too, because one thing I know is to never underestimate the power of the individual, change the world, because you CAN.


Never underestimate the power of the individual. There has never been any positive social change initiated by governments and institutions. All progressive changes have come about because of the actions of individuals or small groups of individuals. Never believe that an individual does not have the power to change the world. Margaret Mead