Trumped out


My dear teacher Sharon Gannon taught me that you should always go to the ROOT of a problem, of a cause, of suffering. To be RADICAL and dive in deep. I see a lot of rage going on about what happened a few days back and I totally get it, I truly understand it But and listen to me carefully what if we really look deeply here, what if we look at the ROOT of this, the essence. We should all take a moment here to look at the root of al this, instead of judging, instead of pointing fingers at “those” people, “those” who voted. Because how did he get there in the first place, how did that happen, the fact that there even was an opportunity for him to entertain the idea of campaigning, to even think that we have given him so much space, so much freedom to do so. The truth is that this is the world we live in, where a man who advocates hate, war, sexism, racism and all the other power play he is about to embark on and surprise us with (this is not my judgment, or opinion but stated facts as he has openly expressed his views on these particular matters) exactly got given the power to do so.

The desperation, the fear, the disconnect, the frustration, the anger, the anxiety, the not knowing, that is what I see in the ROOT of the problem, of the suffering. The world is suffering, the world is in such need of change of the radical kind so the world thinks that maybe a man like Trump could bring them what they need, could end their anger and frustration when really the hatred in that man’s heart will only bring them further from it. What I see is disconnect, as always the root cause to all suffering and what I see is an absolute need for EDUCATION & INTEGRATION. I also believe like my dear teacher Sharon Gannon that with great love all is possible, because where is the love? Love will save the day, love will save the world, with great love we will concur all.

I also really believe in leading and living by example. To not judge others but to be humble, be kind and be the best you can be in your life. My father (god bless him) was a huge Bush fan, I am certain he would have voted for Trump if he had a chance to do so, he was right winged and strong about his political choices and views, did I agree with him? Of course not. Did I judge him? Of course not. Because he is my father, he has given me life, he has given me this vehicle, the opportunity to live and be the activist that I am today. I have a lot of American friends, most of which I am pretty sure left winged and liberal BUT who knows maybe some of these friends also voted for Trump, I absolutely don’t see the point of wasting energy to pointing the fingers at people, according to FB polls (not too sure how accurate and true they are) 46 percent of the US did NOT vote, so that’s pretty much nearly half of the country.


Instead let us revive and stand together, more then ever there is a need for togetherness, to gather together. To be in this together. TO UNITE, because only then will we WIN. Because let us not forget that the power of the individual COUNTS more then any vote.

To quote Margaret Mead:

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”