“What has always impressed me about Karo is her energy and enthusiasm, and the way it combines with a genuine interest in both people and animals to promote her positive vision of a world that is both kind to animals, while promoting genuine human flourishing.” Dr. Peter Chen- Sydney


“Karo Tak has become something of a one-woman powerhouse in the Inner West of Sydney, Australia. Between running women’s circles to teaching Jivamukti Yoga, vegan cooking classes, acting and performing as well as committed activist work the former Sea Shepherd seems to place no limits on her enthusiasm and commitment to the betterment of the world.” (Gemma Lucy Smart, Sydney)

To see Gemma’s interview click HERE


Karo I so loved the class I did with you at Omassim a couple of saturdays ago. It really touched me, I hope to come back soon and will definitely come again. Thank you for your depth xxx Janna Goodwille- guest and student at OMASSIM GUESTHOUSE, Ericeira Portugal

“Wally and I loved you’re class today.In such a short while you have gained confidence and your very own unique style, which of course we love. It is always fascinating to hear a personal story and for me that made today’s class so special.” Mike Judd-student The Yoga Factory Sydney

“I met Karo just over a month ago, i was struck by her powerful energy, passion for the causes she believes in and her dedication to Jivamukti and meditation. Our first session was mind blowing, at the end of the session i unloaded all the pressure and anguish i chose not to show the world. The hour spend with Karo was delicate, considerate, educational and most importantly invaluable to live a more purposeful life.” MAURICE CABRERA- meditation student

Feeling energised, relaxed, happy and inspired after Karo Tak beautiful, challenging and always unique yoga class and satsang. So lucky to have peeps like Karo in this world.” Clare Donovan-student the Yoga Factory, Sydney

“Still sore from Yoga on Sunday! Jivamukti and the amazing Karo Tak has certainly change my view of yoga!” Chris Rowe- vegan bodybuilder & student Sydney

“Thank you Miss Karo Tak for the most wonderful heart-opening + back bending yoga class tonight and to Lisa for such a wonderful meditation. My heart thanks you. And just because you are going away for a few months (of which I shall miss you greatly), this yogi shall continue with your wheel challenge. Thank you for inspiring me, challenging me and guiding me down this yogi path. So very grateful” xx Jenny Orenstein-student The Yoga Factory Sydney


“What an absolute treat to experience you pull together a delicious spread of original vegan food. The YOKE magazine launch was totally enhanced with your love and passion shared through your food. Thank you and your delightful team.”  Cynthia-YOKE MAGAZINE (Sydney)

“Dear Karo, just wanting to say how much I have enjoyed your wonderful energetic presence and fabulous passionate cooking at recent retreats. Your ability to bring such flavours texture and variety to vegan cooking is very inspirational. It must be a lot to do with the love you infuse into your craft! Hope to partake again soon in some more yummy vegan treats. Much love. “ Sally. (Sydney)

“I wanted to say thank you for the beautiful 10 times the love event you put on! I don’t know you, but it was crystal clear to me on Saturday night, that you are the most amazing person with such a kind soul. Your passion and drive to help all the world’s beautiful animals really touched me and the minute silence we had was a moment I will never forget – you truly could feel the energy and love in the room and I thought it was such a beautiful thing to do.Peace, love, kindness and my warmest regards, Lani.

“It was such an inspiring evening you shared with us. More-than-delicious food, you could really taste the love and passion you put into it. The art of combining it with mindfulness, the sutras, Ahimsa. And I loved your personal experiences you wove into it, this makes it really unique and you feel connected straight from the heart. Thank you so much for sharing and caring and spreading your light!” Nadine, Munich.

“Since this woman arrived in Lisbon she’s been full force with her yoga classes, workshops, pop-ups, co-founding a soon to open cafe and education centre, AND her very special project GOPAL VEGAN CHEESE. Talk about showing up! I like to think that Lisbon is slowly starting to open up to its own evolution and Karo is leading the way with her (com)passion, commitment and seriously delicious nut-based cheeses.” Alice Ming- The Food Temple, Lisbon
I saw the photos of yournew restaurant.  As usual, you have created an enterprise to a very high standard of excellence.  You are a perfectionist in all you do.  I hope you are receiving many compliments and moral support from your customers. – Jacqueline Isles, Sydney

testimonial Rania