Student Testimonials/ Testemunhos

To me she is an embodiment of Jivamukti Yoga, she embodies every part of the philosophy.

“Fui desafiada por um grande amigo meu para experimentar uma aula de Jivamukti Yoga dada pela Karo. A partir daí fiquei totalmente rendida! As aulas são bastante intensas e ao mesmo tempo divertidas e espirituais. Após uma aula com a Karo sentimo-nos mais leves, mais em paz e com uma nova energia. A Karo é uma excelente professora que nos motiva e faz-nos sentir à vontade e impulsiona-nos a desafiar os nossos limites. É uma experiência a não perder!” Margarida-Mantra Yoga Lounge, Lisboa


“Karo introduced me to Jivamukti Yoga about 2 years ago and it completely changed my life.I tried other classes and types of Yoga before but from the first class with karo I was hooked to Jiva. Since then I have been practicing in different (Jivamukti) Studios with different teachers but without a doubt Karo is my favorite. Like all Jivamukti classes hers are dynamic, (often) fast, ever flowing sequenses with a great playlist (I do admit we have quite the same taste in music). What is speacial about Karo’s classes is her passion (for the method and her students), her personal care (she is giving me the best assists) and the always strong message she is bringing across in class every single time, may it be about veganism, mindfulness or self-empowerment. I learn every class a bit more, my body is learning every class a bit more. With Karo I have pushed (through) many limits of my body and mind. It i truly inspiring!” Lisa- Sydney, Amsterdam, Lisboa.


“I only attended a few classes with Karo, but these few were enough to let me see that this wasn’t your everyday, run-of-the-mill yoga – and in the best possible way! Karo’s Jivamukti is immensely personal, creative and seriously transformative. The positions and the physical part of the practice itself can be demanding (for a not very clued up beginner like me), but Karo is always attentive and corrects what needs correcting. The meditations are truly inspiring, and just the overall energy of Karo’s Jivamukti classes is so positive, so dynamic and so… well, so good, it really fills you with good vibes for days and days. I haven’t been back just because of my own time restraints, but I absolutely want to; once you start Jivamukti, you can’t wait to continue, especially with a great teacher like Karo. Very highly recommend it!” Joana Neves, Lisboa


“I‘ve been in only a few classes with Karo! I can say it’s my first experience with yoga in my life, and I’m really loving the discovery of Jivamukti and Karo’s approach! There’s always a message in every class! A message that really makes you look inside and work on yourself….(…sometimes you even laugh inside because it has so much truth in it and you really identify…). I enjoy that Karo’s opens up about her life with us… makes you feel at ease, open up and share something too!! Come and join us….every class you can set an intention for your practice about what you want to work on in yourself. It can’t get any better than this. And….yes… I really really like the music!” Tanya- Mantra Yoga Lounge, Lisboa.


“I attended one of Karo’s workshops which included a yoga- as well as a cooking class here in Hannover, Germany.Its amazing to meet a person who embraces what she does in a way like Karo does. To me she is an embodiment of Jivamukti Yoga, she embodies every part of the philosophy. She practices whatever she shares with her students: let it be Yoga, let it be food=veganism, let it be lifestyle or animal rights activism. Meeting Karo, spending time with her left me changed, enriched, inspired and blessed.” Stephie Linne, Hannover Germany.


I’ve tried other yoga styles but never found one so complete as jivamukti. Energising, vibrant and pushes oneself to find inner and outer strength and flexibility, while caring for the happiness of all beings. Karo as a teacher shares her personal stories and is always there, warmly, for the students. Portugal was missing Jivamukti so badly and now, everyone in Lisboa can benefit of this outstanding spiritual practice, done in a very cosy family environment.” Hugo Jorge, Lisboa/Perth


“I feel so fortunate to have been able to go to quite a few of Karo’s classes over my summer stay in Portugal. I’ve been practicing and in love with yoga for about 10 years and I’ve been lucky enough to travel around a little bit and take different classes and workshops from a lot of excellent teachers (some not so great too) Karo is definitely right on par with the really excellent ones. What stands out about Karo is her passion for what she does and how she shares it with her students. She takes your normal strong or power vinyasa class and makes it really mean something. Not just on a physical “yoga” level but meaningful in regards to how you live your life, how you see, react to and effect the world around you. It’s really inspiring in so many ways. She has changed the way I practice and teach, and definitely for the better. The world needs more Karo’s. She’s amazing… so are her classes. Go if you get the chance! Melissa Borden- OMASSIM GUESTHOUSE.


“Karo, I so loved the class I did with you at Omassim a couple of saturdays ago. It really touched me, I hope to come back soon and will definitely come again. Thank you for your depth” Janna Goodwille- guest and student at OMASSIM GUESTHOUSE, Ericeira Portugal


“Karo is one of the most inspiring and kind persons I had the chance to meet in my life, in everything she does. She changed and introduced somethings in my life, especially the practice of Jivamukti Yoga, which is now a big part of my life. As a teacher Karo is wonderful, she knows what she’s doing and has very dynamic classes, with amazing playlists. But what I like the most about the classes is how personal they are, every class is a special class and every student is a special student, and it gives me a kind of home coming and cosy feeling. Also, the talks in the classes are super interesting and Karo has the gift of being able to express herself and her ideas in a very strong but kind way. Thank you so much for being in my life Karo.” Luis Luz, Lisboa


Feeling energised, relaxed, happy and inspired after Karo Tak beautiful, challenging and always unique yoga class and satsang. So lucky to have peeps like Karo in this world.” Clare Donovan-student the Yoga Factory, Sydney

thank you for sharing your magic and your love with the world, it truly makes a difference every day


“Still sore from Yoga on Sunday! Jivamukti and the amazing Karo Tak has certainly change my view of yoga!” Chris Rowe- vegan bodybuilder & student Sydney


“Thank you Miss Karo Tak for the most wonderful heart-opening + back bending yoga class tonight and to Lisa for such a wonderful meditation. My heart thanks you. And just because you are going away for a few months (of which I shall miss you greatly), this yogi shall continue with your wheel challenge. Thank you for inspiring me, challenging me and guiding me down this yogi path. So very grateful” xx Jenny Orenstein-student The Yoga Factory Sydney


“Wally and I loved you’re class today.In such a short while you have gained confidence and your very own unique style, which of course we love. It is always fascinating to hear a personal story and for me that made today’s class so special.” Mike Judd-student The Yoga Factory Sydney


“beautiful Karo!!! you are amazing and your energy is so inspiring even across the hemispheres. just saw your post about being a jiva teacher for 3 years, congrats!! i remember being in your class on your one year anniversary so special! I also wanted to let you know that after having you as my first jivamukti teacher and introducing me to this whole world i have been vegan ever since (and FOUR of my best friends have become vegan too in that time!!!) thank you for sharing your magic and your love with the world, it truly makes a difference every day, never forget it!” Liberty, Sydney

Photo’s Lisbon Yoga Fest 2015 by YUKIYUNG