Papa’s Roots

Papas roots

So we’re getting closer and closer to opening our cafe a project that has taken nearly two years from initiation to realisation. So much has happened in this time. So many events mustered up, so much work done. On an emotional level I feel a massive void, a hole, emptiness. Because the one person who I would want to be there when we open our doors, the one person who truly understands the feeling and desire to start all this, to open a cafe of our own, is my dad. His dream was exactly this. His own restaurant. Where he could thrive in the kitchen getting the world to taste his own creations. Roots of Amsterdam is what we both decided to call it. And it’s those roots I feel so deep inside of me. Papas roots. His sudden death, his sudden departure from this world, him leaving his behind way before his time, it feels even more painful now. The incredible loss of not having him present on the day that will change my world forever. So let me start this amazing new journey with my dads roots deeply rooted inside of me, with his love, his pride, his strength, his joy for cooking. Or as Sarah Bettens (K’s Choice) sings in the song dad, what else do I need I have a dad who’s watching over me.