High vegan five, Vivian!

So i received a super nice message from an incredible lady who is fighting the fight HIGH VEGAN FIVE! in Berlin and who has written such a wonderful e-book: A SHORT GUIDE TO VEGANISM. I congratulate her and i highly recommend you all to read this!


First and foremost high vegan five to a divine vegan sister through space and time, Vivian Penelope Alvéz . What she has accomplished with this guide really is incredibly valuable. I’m an educator, facilitator and animal advocate myself and I can tell you education is where it’s at! Showing people in a very refreshing, organised and extremely wide ranged way how to be vegan, how to live vegan and how to feed your dog vegan, this guide really has it all. Yummy recipes, to hard facts, it’s all there an absolute must for all vegans, past present and future and all non vegans past present and future, because one day we will all see it and a guide like Vivian’s just takes us a step further to that reality.