An ode to my teachers



Thank you Sharon-ji, David-ji & Lady Ruth. My humble, devoted teachers, knowing you is knowing GOD, you just bring out the best in me & it has been life changing to be in your presence and you still all are very PRESENT in my life, you live in my heart & I feel so honored and blessed that you have enabled me to bring these amazing teachings into the world.


And i thank ALL the incredible teachers that i have had the pleasure of connecting with all through my JIVAMUKTI journey, you all know who you are, many many blessings to you all! A special mention to Mick Barnes @ the Yoga Factory, i would NOT be the student and teacher i am today if it was’t for your incredible guidance, having had the opportunity to have you so present on my path has made such a huge impact and difference, you rock!


Jules Febre for his incredible inspiration and for leaving footprints on my heart. HIPHOPASANA changed me forever. You are such a HUGE inspiration to me!


With great love all is possible- Sharon Gannon

Sharon Gannon-070