Spiritual activism


Inspired by the book: The Spiritual Activist by Claudia Horwitz i started studying and learning a lot more about Spiritual Activism, being an animal rights activist since the age of 5 (oh yes i have some stories!!!!) i started getting into activism of the more gentle & spiritual kind in the last few years, being a happy vegan and a Jivamukti Yoga teacher, all i do comes from love and compassion and understanding and wanting to inspire and encourage others, i am convinced that a lot of the world problems we are facing are coming from people “not knowing”. I have been incredibly blessed in my life and gained a lot of knowledge, on veganism, activism, conservation, life. It’s that knowledge and different methods & studies i have emerged myself in that i want to bring to the people, combined with my passion and love for life & all beings.


“Never underestimate the power of the individual. There has never been any positive social change initiated by governments and institutions. All progressive changes have come about because of the actions of individuals or small groups of individuals. Never believe that an individual does not have the power to change the world” Margaret Mead

In my Spiritual Activism talks i focus on THE POWER OF THE INDIVIDUAL (based on studies done by anthropologist: Margaret Mead) but also UNION, like in the book: the Spiritual Activist by Claudia Horwitz, the focus is on turning inward first and then turning outward: union, CREATING COMMUNITY & CONNECTION, like-minded people, satsang and to end the talk i usually focus on activism and DIRECT ACTION, what people can do to become a powerful individual, to make a difference, a lot of that is inspired by my work for the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and my commitment to the Jivamukti Yoga Method, one of the 5 tenets of Jivamukti Yoga is AHIMSA: non violence, so i talk a bit about that too. For more info on my talks, click HERE.


“Such an inspiring night of How to become a radical shape-shifter in 10 steps: a spiritual activism workshop with Karo Tak, Highlights of the workshop… hmm, it would have to be hearing about how Karo jumped ship on her career and followed her dreams, all in the space of 6 months. Follow what you find beautiful, follow what you love. The people I know who do this, just absolutely radiate. As adults, there’s so much hum drum about making money, owning a house, getting a better car, working harder to buy stuff… last night was another first step in trying to follow what I love. ” Jacinta Fleur-Sydney Australia

SOURCE: © 2007 Humanity Healing


Photography by Sonja Sipala