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“Learn not to divine yourself with what you are against. Instead divine yourself by expressing with your words and actions what you are FOR.” -Max Strom


KARO TAK: Vegan Cook, Certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher & Activist


My name is Karo Tak. What i do i can describe in three words: FOOD. YOGA. ACTIVISM. I cook food, teach Jivamukti Yoga & am a true activist, fighting for what is right. I started this fight from a very young age and i will continue this fight until my very last breath, at least that is the idea. I am known as THE VEGANATOR, it’s what i have been calling myself since 2013, what does a veganator do? Well most of all LIVING BY EXAMPLE. Showing people the way to a healthy, plant-based compassionate and happy life style. I have been doing this for many years now. The person who got me on this path is Liam Walsh and i am forever grateful for his presence & guidance in my life.


LET THE FOOD DO THE TALKING. I believe in using food as the perfect metaphor for all that matters to me the most. Serving people with incredible good food for which no being was harmed, that’s all i want to do in life. I really want to show people what i stand FOR and not what i am AGAINST. I have a super positive approach to life & all i do and i like to think people can taste that, when they eat my food they taste the love, the love for what i do, the love for the people eating the food but mostly the LOVE for ANIMALS worldwide. All i do is for them. Everyday. All the way. 

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I started my vegan cooking career on board of the the M/Y Bob Barker (Sea Shepherd Conservation Society vessel) in 2012, i released my own cookbook: KARO’S NUTRITIOUS & DELICIOUS CRUELTY-FREE DISHES  (2013) & released the German version: ICH BIN EIN VEGANER in June 2014. (I am currently working on the Portuguese version of the book) I started my own vegan company: THE VEGANATOR in 2013 with which i facilitated vegan events, educational programs & cooking workshops all over Sydney and the world. I ran my own catering company, cooked at events, festivals, yoga and meditation retreats.  I studied vegan nutrition &  worked as a Head Chef at LENTIL AS ANYTHING, Sydney i co-founded and work as a Head Chef at FOODPRINTZ CAFE  a vegan cafe which incorporates yoga, education and mindful living in Lisbon, we have been running for a few months now and with great success, come see for yourself! I also launched my very own vegan cheese line in December 2015: GOPAL CHEESE which we exclusively sell at FOODPRINTZ CAFE and with which i hold regular workshops.

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I graduated as a Certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher on the 16th of May 2013 in New York. Since then i have taught JIVAMUKTI YOGA in 15 cities, 9 countries and 3 continents. I taught in Sydney for about 2 years,  i went overseas to teach Jivamukti Yoga all over the world in 2014 on a big tour and I now teach weekly classes in Lisbon at FOODPRINTZ CAFE.  I LOVE being a Jivamukti Yoga Teacher, it has given me so much, all i want to do is spread the method and bring it to as many people as i possibly can. I also started my own yoga apparel, yoga wear with a twists, just a little different, organic, vegan, fun t-shirts (soon also printed yoga mats) called: SHAK-TEE. 

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Activism comes from the word: ACTIVE, actively making a change. Through my life-long work as an animal rights activist (which started at the age of 5) i am truly dedicated to  live by example totally committed to making the world a better place for all beings, i strive to live my yoga, to inspire others,  to be the author of my own life, creator of my own possibilities and show people  THE POWER OF THE INDIVIDUAL. I have done a fair bit of public speaking on the matter of veganism & spiritual activism, i even made it as a  guest lecturer at Sydney Uni in 2014. I organise spiritual activism talks, seminars and events, all for the betterment of the world and always FOR THE ANIMALS.



Born in Holland in 1979 and travelling the world for about half of my life-time. I lived in Sydney for over a decade and i currently live in Lisbon, Portugal with my gorgeous Jack Russell: Sparky & my incredible partner Miguel who is my biggest inspiration. I am also a passionate cyclist, an ink fanatic & singer.



This VIDEO represents all i do and why i do it. Check it HERE. 

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And or watch this lovely interview by Lizzie  Lasater done about my work HERE.

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